Our Approach

Our Approach

This blog was started with a focus on Lodi Wineries, as there was (and is) a need to evaluate and promote the fine wines coming from this region. However, the Lodi Wine Swines have interest in other regions of the world as well, and so a significant portion of this site is related to wines from outside of our local AVA.  

We hope you enjoy our tidbits related to wine tasting adventures at home base at Wine Crest Estate Farm, in and around Lodi, and further afield.

Let the adventures begin.......

Our Story

Our Story

Gord and Steph are charter members of the Lodi Wine Swines. But that is another story.

Meet the Team

Here they are. In all their glory........well, sort of.

Steph paris photo


Founder & Style Guru

In Paris outside of the Musee d'Orsay, with Notre Dame in the background. Steph is a Lodi area local, and has been involved with several wine tasting groups over the years. She has worked in tasting rooms, assisted with harvests, and made wine. A renaissance woman.


Gord, some say Gordon

Founder, All-Around Swine

By Pardee Reservoir after a ride up the dreaded Stoney Creek Road. Gord is a native of Vancouver, Canada and moved to the Lodi area in 2001. He has run the Wine Swines tasting group in both countries since the 80's, and generally loves learning about wine and talking about it endlessly. Certified by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust at Level III, Grade A with Distinction, in 2001.