Texas Independence Day – Remember the ….. Wine!

As we gather on this historic occasion, the 182nd anniversary of Texas declaring independence from Mexico, it seems only fitting that we open a bottle of fine Texas wine. Specifically, the 2016 Rachis Sauvignon Blanc, with fruit sourced from the Texas High Plains AVA in the northwest portion of Texas (essentially centered around Lubbock). Rachis is a project of Randy Hester, a Texas born winemaker with significant Napa Valley cred, with support from Naked Wines. We were provided with a sample by Naked Wines as part of their sponsorship of the 2017 Wine Bloggers Conference.

So, sauvignon blanc from Texas. How would it compare to the benchmark for this varietal that typically hail from New Zealand or Bordeaux?

Well, in a few words, this wine is pretty damn good. Nose of tropical white fruit, and a tad floral. Palate has moderate acidity and a medium to full body. There is an immediate flavor of dense white fruit that transitions to a steely mineral finish accented by a hint of grapefruit pith. This is a fairly impressive sauvignon blanc, that does not have the heft or oakiness of typical California versions. The weight and steely notes are reminiscent of the French style. Definitely worth a try.