Wine and Chocolate Part 2 – GoodMills Winery

This is the second entry of our wine trek. This is a tour of tasting rooms that we had not previously visited. GoodMills is the new operation at the location that used to be the Kidder Winery. They have been open for a little over a year

GoodMills is a small winery, surrounded by a 10 acre vineyard. They currently farm teroldego, petite sirah, syrah, tempranillo and graciano on site. They currently bottle 7 wines, with plans to expand to 10 primarily varietally focused wines.

The tasting room is fairly small and cozy. The Wine and Chocolate event was set up outside, which was great because the weather was cooperating – mild and sunny, a big contrast from the days of rain that preceded the event. We had a great discussion and tasting with Brad Mills, the energetic owner.

Oh, we also noticed something at GoodMills that was new (at least to us), but looking back it was also the case at Bokisch and at Durst. In addition to selling bottles of wine, the wineries also offer some of their wines by the glass, so that you can sit outside and enjoy the view and sip some vino at your leisure. Great idea.

Now for the wines….

2015 Pinot Grigio $22

Gord says “clean nose, with a hint of dry spice. Low to low medium acid, white fruit with a peach note. Finish again is a bit thin. Steph commented that this is a “bed, bath and beyond wine”. I think that means it has a little bit of everything. Fair comment. OK to Good.”

Steph says “when I said this is a Bed, Bath and Beyond wine, I was referring to a fresh cucumber aroma I got on the nose, along with mythical stone fruit and minerality. That may not sound good, but to me it was a fascinating nose due to the cucumber. It had a hint of cucumber in the mouth as well, but primarily pineapple and citrus. I say Good!”

2014 Viognier  $22

Gord says “close to medium gold appearance. Nose is slightly hot, with aromas of honey and apricot. Palate has low plus acid, with a sweet honey flavor, some alcohol heat, and a nutty finish. OK to good.”

Steph says “stonefruit dominated the nose, and nothing else I could decipher. Orange blossom, stone fruit, with citrus and a zest finish. Fairly light in the mouth and I detected a little spice in the finish as well. Good for me!”


Mike and the Teroldegos

2013 Teroldego  $25

Gord says “very dark ruby. Dark berry fruit on nose, with a bit of chocolate and dusty cocoa. Low medium acid, slightly more tannin, medium full body, dark cherry berry fruit. This wine has nice balance and intensity. Will get better. Good to very good.”

Steph says “I got a musty, earthy nose with floral tones. The fruit was ripe, perhaps blackberry, slightly tart, with earth, leather and a bit musty. The tannins were grippy, with leather and dark berry through the finish. Ribs would be great with this wine now, until it matures. OK at this time.”

2015 Cabernet Sauvignon $24

Gord says “medium deep ruby. Dry nose, with a hint of dry green wood. Low medium acid, similar tannins, bright red cherry fruit attack. Medium full body, with a really toasty smoky finish. Good.”

Steph says “I didn’t appreciate this wine as much as Gord. But, it had some interesting qualities that I think many would appreciate. I got a nose with cherries, a slight smoky quality and an earthy note. As for the taste, I detected cherries and pomegranate, with a stemmy quality and a nice dry, dusty attic, unknown spice on the finish.”

2015 Malbec $28

Gord says “dark ruby, with a purple rim. Very young looking wine. Nose starts a bit musty, but this blows off and becomes a nice dark berry aroma. Toasty notes develop. Low medium acid, low medium to medium tannin. Medium full body. Dark cherry attack with a bit of blackberry developing in mid palate. This wine has a combination of palate intensity with deft balance, so that the intense flavors do not feel heavy or tiring. Well made wine, close to very good.”

Steph says “regarding this Malbec, which is a varietal I particularly like, I thought the nose had a cherry hint, but closed. However, the taste was much more complex. Ripe cherry,  slightly tart with a hint of pomegranate, leather and grippy tannins with the fruit dropping off at the end. Weirdly, I got a hint of orange blossom or a citrus note in the finish. Good.”

2015 Petite Sirah $28

Gord says ”very dark, with a purple rim. Another young looking wine. Intensely toasty, smoky nose. Can’t get past that to smell anything else. Low medium to medium acid, medium tannins. Crisp red blackberry attack, carries to mid palate, then tannins swoop in to cover the finish. This wine needs alot of time, hard to rate right now, lets say good.”

Steph finishes off her comments with “ripe plum on the nose with a hint of blackberry. Same plum in the taste, with leather and grippy/gauzy tannins. I detect fruit even through these big tannins, and they need some time to calm down. Nice taste though and can’t wait to see how this wine ages. Too young for me to say either way.”